Friday, September 23, 2011

Maldives Government: Tacitly admits claim of sinking a stunt!


On the run-up to the UN Climate Treaty meet to Copenhagen, as seen in the photograph, the Maldives Cabinet signed a Climate Change Document 20 Feet Under Sea. The photo made headlines world over and became a talking point at the Copenhagen meet.

Members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.

President Mohammed Nasheed and 13 other government officials submerged and took their seats at a table on the sea floor — 20 feet below the surface of a lagoon off Girifushi, an island usually used for military training.

With a backdrop of coral, the meeting was a bid to draw attention to fears that rising sea levels caused by the melting of polar ice caps could swamp this Indian Ocean archipelago within a century. Its islands average 7 feet above sea level.
“What we are trying to make people realize is that the Maldives is a frontline state. This is not merely an issue for the Maldives but for the world,” Nasheed said.
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The government of the Maldives has complained after the London Daily Telegraph website carried a satirical blog post saying the island nation is to be omitted from the Times Atlas of the World. The supposed omission was said to be due to impending climate change.The low-lying islands of the Maldives are at risk from rising sea levels.The spoof blog post was taken seriously by several media outlets in the Maldives.
The Telegraph blog post was written by my pal James Delingpole.
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 11 new airports to be constructed in Maldives   
Oh and the best indicator yet, the government there is building 11 new airports. Obviously, they need them to evacuate people from the sea level rise threat /Sarc

Follow the money.

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