Monday, May 30, 2011

Climate Scam Finally Over? Kyoto Protocol's demise is official

A Greenpeace placard asks "What about Kyoto?" Its funny. We would have thought they knew of its demise. 
It’s now official - Russia, Japan and Canada told the G8 they would not join a second round of carbon cuts under the Kyoto Protocol at United Nations talks this year.  US President Barack Obama, at last Thursday night's G8 dinner, also confirmed Washington would not join an updated Kyoto.

Meanwhile, the European Union is unlikely to propose a deepening of the bloc’s greenhouse-gas reduction target before the next global climate summit, due to start in November, Polish Environment MinisterAndrzej Kraszewski was quoted by the media as saying. The Greenpeace reaction then turned to anger and frustration by accusing world leaders of "gambling with our future".

The Minerals Council of Australia, that included the coal industry celebrated. They said sarcastically that Australia and the European Union were now the only major developed nations or groups of nations committed to an extension of the protocol after its expiry at the end of next year. "Confirmation of the likely demise of the Kyoto Protocol means that Australia will be introducing a new $11 billion carbon tax on the economy in the absence of a binding global agreement to reduce emissions," the Minerals Council said. That carbon tax proposal is on its way to toast in Australia that would be huge PR disaster for the country's Prime Minister Ms Gilard, who staked her political fortune with this bill.

As Ministers of the Brazil, South Africa, India, China (Basic) grouping met to firm their position before further global climate change negotiating sessions, they reiterated that a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol was central to a comprehensive outcome at the 17th conference of the parties (COP17) in Durban in November. Put simply, no Kyoto Protocol, no Global Climate Treaty! In short - COP 17 is doomed to failure even before it even began.

These developments all came at a time when chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol warned that the latest figures on greenhouse gas emissions are "the worst news" with statistics showing another record leap in carbon output – 30.6 gigatonnes of CO2 over 2010 – to make the highest annual total in history! If Faith Birol thought such alarmism will force a re-think among policy makers he was grossly mistaken. Climate alarmism lost its sting after Climategate exposed how that bullying, data manipulation and discrediting of dissenters scandalised East Anglia's climate research unit (CRU) - the agency that put together the historical temperature data on which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based its warming scenarios.  Dr Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in one email of the Climategate fame observed:
"The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t."

The most damning revelation was why the manipulation was necessary: because the earth is refusing to warm at the rates the models required and at scales to fuel climate alarmism! Despite record emissions, year 2011 is likely to go down as one of the coldest year in recent times as seen in the latest UAH global temperature graph. The theory linking man-made CO2 with dangerous global warming is dead. It has been falsified. The world knows. It can no longer be hidden under the carpet. The demise of Kyoto Protocol is only one such manifestation.

NGOs like Oxfam; ActionAid; ChristianAid; Save the Children; Greenpeace; WWF etc who rode the gravy train of climate change, managed to move from backstage to centre stage in world politics by exerting  power and influence in policy making by piggybacking on this scam. It’s time for them for hard introspection as their credibility is in tatters. NGOs have proven their effectiveness in holding large institutions and governments accountable and exposing them to public scrutiny. It is time they walk their talk by making public the pulls and pressures whereby they functioned as an important cog in the wheel of perhaps the biggest scam in history. They can begin with the acceptance of what’s a scam - a deceptive act intended to hoodwink people through deliberate misinformation, including factual omissions!

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