Sunday, May 1, 2011

Climate Scepticism is growing and Climate Hysteria Retreating in India

All weather changes are not climate change

PUNE: Though climate change is happening, every change in the weather should not be correlated to climate change, said Ranjan Kelkar, former director general of the India Meteorological Department (IMD).
"The weather has not changed much but we, on the other hand, are changing. This changing lifestyle is making us more aware about the changes in the weather," Kelkar said.
He was delivering a lecture on 'climate change' as part of the lecture series organised by Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre in Kothrud. Ramesh Joshi, director of the centre, was also present.

According to Kelkar, changing weather was a topic that was often talked about.
"There are two types of changes. One is the change that we experience and the other is the one that we hear about. Different research organisations have different views about global warming and a completely error-free assessment about the increased temperature is not available. Hence, people should not be scared about these changes," Kelkar said.
Kelkar also stated that these changes will not have an adverse impact on the monsoon.
"So the fear of rainfall decreasing drastically and thereby reducing availability of water due to global warming is wrong," he said.
Highlighting the solutions to deal with the problem of rising temperature, he stated that controlling CO2 was the need of the hour, but we should not comprise on our development.
"We should know how to keep the balance between development and CO2 emission. Another option is to increase the use the solar power and wind power," he said.

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