Sunday, July 29, 2012

Predicting Rains during London Opening Ceremony: How a Laptop beat Super-Computers

This is part of our continuous coverage of the on-going duel between the UK Met Office and Piers Corbyn on the accuracy of their weather forecasts during the Olympics.
London has seen its warmest week of the year leading up to the start of the Olympics, but is the warm weather here to stay or will the Olympics be a complete washout?
The UK Met Office promises dry and shiny weather all through the Olympics while we have Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and owner of Weather Action who predicts a damp and rainy.
And the winner is.... Piers Corbyn.  Here is what the man himself says in his website accepting congratulations from people all over the world.


"We are very pleased. We made one forecast and one forecast only 42 days ahead and our call was for thundery downpours likely, based on predictable aspects of solar particle activity and lunar  modulation.

The Met Office made many forecasts based on shed-fulls of computing power and deluded Co2-warmist meteorology funded by shed-loads of taxpayers money. Their last call was for 'dry'.

The power of our physics-based Solar Lunar Action Technique was confirmed by serious thundery downpours in many places and one hit the evening's proceedings. The failure of standard meteorology earth-centered 'models' in the face of WeatherAction predicted solar-driven 'Red warnings' is laid bare.

Thundery rain and deluges will cause difficulties for most of the Olympics and the Met Office will underestimate the problems. WeatherAction will make key warnings available free.

Our full August forecasts for Britain & Ireland, Europe and the USA spell out important changes through the month including dramatic shifts in the jet stream which show the world is heading for 'A little Ice Age' while the UN and failed CO2 warmist alarmism is pointing the world in the wrong direction.

"I am glad, and the world is lucky, that the rain stopped for the later part of the evening and the truly fantastic production by Danny Boyle and his team and the opening moment by Her Majesty the Queen.

One can see that without the hard work and honest application of science by the pioneers of the industrial revolution the United Kingdom would not be what it is, the English language would not be the language of the world and London would not have hosted the Olympics three times. If the delusional anti-science of CO2 warmist alarmism is not stopped this greatness of Britain will be lost.


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  1. Piers is lying I'm afraid. The metOffice continually forecast the chance of showers at the opening ceremony. Right up to the day. That's why so many people were prepared for rain and donned waterproofs when a "few drops" landed just before the ceremony. Piers lies again when he says there was a thunderstorm that "drenched" the crowd. There wasn't, less the quarter of a millimeter fell on the evening. It's pretty rich of him to say he's glad the rain stopped (though, as we know it didn't really start) especially as he had warned the organisers of thunderfloods, large hail and a deluge which which would disrupt the even and all this after an "extremely wet" week. Thankfully no-one paid him any attention so the ceremony went ahead.