Friday, May 30, 2014

IMD: Monsoon will hit Kerala on time but with poor vigour!

Read our forecast: Monsoon 2014:  ‘Super’ El Niño is unlikely but rainfall deficiency can cross 16%!

Perhaps the first admission by IMD that their forecast of 95% of LPA is not going to hold and the country is staring into the face of one of the worst droughts in recent times!

(CNNIBN) Monsoon will arrive in Kerala on time, the Met Department has said. However, it may be affected by the El Nino which may lead to less rainfall than expected, the Met added.
"The monsoon is expected to reach Kerala on time. There are movements over the Arabian Sea as the Western Disturbance is also approaching. So these positive signs show that the monsoon is expected to reach on time. It can come four days ahead or behind. The El Nino may lead to less rainfall than expected," BP Yadav, the Met Director said.

"We are predicting that we may receive less rainfall than normal but it's likely to approach on time," he added.
Yadav also said that light rain showers on Sunday will bring respite from the heat conditions prevailing in Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and even Telangana.

"The temperature is a few notches above normal. The temperature will come down by one or two degrees today and tomorrow. It will be hot on weekend. On Sunday, there will be some respite from this heat wave and light rain showers are expected," Yadav said.

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