Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking News: IPCC's Global Warming Claims Not Based on Evidence, Enquiry Report

Everything is happening very fast. It was only two weeks ago that the foundation graph of IPCC's theory to Global Warming was proved a fraud by a new peer review study. Now an external inquiry constituted jointly by the UN and IPCC to look into the working of the IPCC has sounded the death blow to its credibility, at least what was left of it since the Climategate scandal broke out last year.
The Inter-Academy Council, an independent group of scientists representing agencies from around the world that undertook the enquiry concluded that the IPCC made alot of claims with high confidence levels when in reality they had little or no evidence for it. The enquiry advised IPCC to keep out of politics and concentrate on science!

The conclusions of the enquiry has literally cast mud on the faces of environmentalists like WWF, Greenpeace and NGOs like Oxfam etc. who have been leading a high decibel campaign based on IPCC reports. Christian agencies led by World Christian Council of Churches (WCC), Christian Aid, Lutheran World Federation etc even changed
Christian Theology to justify this global warming scam almost substituting the IPCC report as their Bible!

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