Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vagaries of Weather forecast Cyclone Nilam landfall at Cuddalore

Rajesh Kapadia of Vagaries of Weather predicts landfall at Cuddalore. If I have to toss-up between Rajesh and IMD, I will go by Rajesh! This is what he said in his latest post:

Tracked NW and is about 120 kms East of Karaikal and 250 kms SE of Chennai at 11N and 80.8E. Movement NW and core centre will hit land near  Cuddalore. Maximum winds and damage areas shown in grades.

Core winds gushing at 65 knts

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  1. finally we got it we are lucky that nilam has ble3ssed with copious rains this time rain starvd staterelief what happen3d to kaveri water almighy will take careoff halo kannadigas give water dont stop by bandh almight is with us beware of nature