Saturday, November 5, 2011

The rise of ecofascism

I love the environment. I recycle, compost, minimise consumption, am against toxins and love enjoying the natural world in which we live. At the end of this year I will be moving to the country to live on my farm which I bought a few years ago.
Already I have planted 500 trees (my goal is 10,000) I will build a straw bale residence by the end of this year that is totally self sufficient. I have been also getting the farm slowly set up with permaculture and organic gardens and want to live a life totally intertwined with nature. So why is it I cant stand the environmental movement?
Well for one they consume so much of our money and resources and yet what they churn out is simply fat green bureaucracy. Most are on fat incomes, running fat departments with fat wads of our taxes. There is no value for money, very little put back into the environment and no accountable for what they spend.

Secondly most have an elitist attitude and most treat the rest of humanity like sh*t. Like Al Bore they go around preaching guilt and salvation yet live ostentatiously as though they are somehow exempt from the draconian measures they insist the rest of us ‘disgusting’ plebs should abide by. They morally believe they are superior and believe that as humanity doesn’t have a brain then it is their responsibility to assume power and regulate how the rest of us live our lives. As they are better democracy is something that they oppose!

Thirdly true environmentalism is about empowering people and increasing freedoms for people to be environmental. Yet taxing us into poverty will do the complete opposite and disempower how we interact with the environment. Instead their eco-socialist laws will channel our hard earned incomes into their bloated pockets only to be wasted on more bureaucracy. The modern environmental movement brings with it enslavement to carbon taxes, green tape, encumbrances, road blocks and Their typically sanctimonious self righteous eco outlook only enslaves others.

Fourthly – as humans we are part of the environment and we are not a disease as most environmentalists like to brand us. Whilst parts of humanity are responsible for evils there are many success stories out there that are too politically incorrect for the eco elitists to mention and too inconvenient for their beliefs on green hell.

Fifthly the history of the environmental movement is one of lies, misleading the public, refusing debate, refusing free speech, alarmism, censorship, manipulation and abuse. In order to push their AGW scam they have behaved like criminals and also slandered anyone who even had an honest question let alone a different opinion. They have refused transparency, refused to be audited and used their self imposed positions of power corruptly to maintain a status quo where they are beyond being questioned.

So as I relocate to my farm I don’t want any rabid environmentalists around me, who tell me the sun is of no impact, that natural cycles are now trumped by their green theology, that I must pay them for the guilt of my humanity. No I go there to enjoy the smell of the flowers, enjoy the fresh nutritious food from the soil, to live without toxins, poisons or pesticides, to care for the land and the animals around me and enjoy being part of this world. I also go there to get away from the big green corporates and their flash city offices which house the rotting compost that is the modern environmental movement.

From Ecofascism
“Three score and seven years ago the United Nations was founded primarily to advance the interests of English-speaking countries. Now the UN is primarily interested in conducting economic warfare on those countries”.

From the Pitchengine; “Your donation to one of the big corporate environmental groups Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, or Natural Resource Defense Council to name a few most likely went to pay for litigation or buying land, but what was the on-the-ground result for conserving anything? How did the cactus ferruginous pygmy owl benefit from your generous donation? How was your dollar used to stop erosion along Arizona’s river ways, or improve water quality along the Colorado River?”

The wrong kind of green… the Sierra Club was approached in 2008 by the makers of Clorox bleach, who said that if the Club endorsed their new range of “green” household cleaners, they would give it a percentage of the sales. The Club’s Corporate Accountability Committee said the deal created a blatant conflict of interest–but took it anyway. Executive director Carl Pope defended the move in an e-mail to members, in which he claimed that the organization had carried out a serious analysis of the cleaners to see if they were “truly superior.” But it hadn’t.

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