Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brisbane worst floods in a century predicted by climate sceptic Piers Corbyn, Weather Action

Thousands of Brisbane residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as the city braces itself for its worst flooding in more than a century. As the winding Brisbane River breached its banks in several places to engulf parks and footbridges and heavy rain continued to fall on the metropolitan area, the city's main roads and public transport system quickly became clogged as people rushed to get to higher ground. Early estimates suggested that more than 9,000 homes could be inundated when the Brisbane River peaks at 12ft on Thursday. The destruction was already evident yesterday, with a steady stream of debris, including boats and whole pontoons, floating down the swollen Brisbane River.

Record floods in 1893 dumped the gunship Paluma on the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, while in 1974, a torrent killed 16 people and inundated a third of the city's metropolitan area. The severe flooding threatening the state capital comes after almost one month of flooding across Queensland that now covers an area the size of France and Germany combined and could cost more than $10bn (£6.3 billion).

Government meteorologists have said that the flash flooding was almost impossible to predict. According to Anthropological Global Warming, they can't as the science is fraudulent. But climate sceptics using solar techniques have. Piers Corbyn of Weather Action, riding a wave of successful forecast this season, is one of them. Here's the forecast of the Australian floods given by Corbyn months ahead:

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  1. Actually he DIDN'T forecast the floods - "For SE Queensland (25-31st) where we had just one forecast statement this month for Australian land TRIALS. Although it was dry and warm while there was a massive TC/rain storm in N Queensland, SE Queensland did not turn into a heatwave.
    It appears that the likley Tropical Cyclone we had predicted for subscribers in the South Indian Ocean for 25/26th Dec was instead expressed in North Queensland, somewhat dampening the SE Queensland possibilities. Australian forecasts are trials only at present." http://www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=289&c=5
    Just how far exactly is Queensland from the South Indian Ocean? A couple of thousand miles?

    Also that graphic you claim was produced months ahead was posted on January 6 - http://www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=291&c=1

    Corbyn likes to claim he's right even when he's quite wrong. The two waves of blizzards he predicted for the UK between Xmas and New Year didn't materialise. Still, don't let facts get in the way, eh?