Monday, February 6, 2012

Romania Saves Children As Europe’s Deep Freeze Deepens

Nine Romanian children had been taken into treatment following a baby died within an unheated home, joining a minimum of 189 other people killed with a Siberian entrance which increased its hold more than Eastern European countries on Friday and distribute further western. Temps plummeted to minus 37 Celsius (minus 35 Fahrenheit) in north Slovakia and save workers made through snowfall on hill roads to save stranded bus travelers in the Balkans.
In Romania, 80 % of the Danube River had been frozen over preventing ships sailing towards the Black Sea; however the greatest concern was for children within the European Union’s 2nd poorest nation.

Child safety officers in the town of Iasi took three women into care following a four-month-old child died in an unheated home where temps dipped as little as minus 20C (minus 4 F).

As much as 15,000 children in Iasi might be at risk from the cold along with a further 6 children have been taken into treatment, the spokesperson said. The cold click has so far killed 24 folks Romania and 11 in nearby Bulgaria. Europe said the supply of Euro gas fell further with a Eastern Western states in addition to Italy, Greece as well as Austria, but said hello was not yet dealing with an emergency. All EU says have obtained additional gas using their company sources.

In Ukraine 101 individuals have now passed away – a further 38 previously 24 hours – and grocery stores are short of food as trucks find it difficult to make shipping. Eight more have left in Poland because Thursday. Clare Nulls, speaker for the U.N.’s World Meteorological Company (WMO), told journalists that Europe’s unseasonably comfortable December as well as January meant this could not be a record breaking winter season.


  1. What really happened? Why is it that this tragedy happened?

  2. Central and Eastern Europe had one of the coldest winter in over 100 years. It gave us an insight to what Little Ice Age was