Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Approach to Somalian Famine Relief: Spot the difference between genuine NGOs and psychopaths unleashed.

Rising Tide:  Way to stop starvation in Somalia is to stop Australian coal exports to China

Rising Tide activists scaled a coal conveyor belt at the Port of Newcastle to highlight the link between coal, climate change and famine in Somalia…
...Ship after ship leaving Newcastle Port, heaped with coal, is contributing to the greatest threat we face in human history.

...Stopping the expansion of Newcastle Port and NSW’s coal industry is essential if we are to ward off similar human tragedies such as that being experienced by Somalians today,” 

Free the Children: Drought Proof Agriculture

“Somalia is different; it’s a failed state, so drought pushed an already desperate people across borders for refuge… Islamic militants hostile to Western-backed aid agencies made long-term development in the fractious country impossible…

Drought is not new to East Africa. The response this time is reminiscent of past emergency aid operations that provided short-term relief, but halted prior to addressing systemic change. We need more than food drops to stop famine. We need boreholes, irrigation, agricultural capacity-building, water-catchment systems, permanent schools, sanitation, and policy research…to start.”

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