Friday, July 4, 2014

There goes our Monsoon “revival”??: Neoguri storm strengthens into a typhoon

It could not have come at a worse time. Typhoon Neoguri is expected to have a drag effect on our monsoon, just when it was showing strong signals of a revival. The question is how strong will be the drag effect? It may in turn be dependent on how strong Neoguri is and model readings currently indicate it could be pretty strong..

( The Central Weather Bureau upgraded the latest Pacific storm -- Neoguri -- to a typhoon Friday night, but said the storm had not changed course and was still not likely to hit Taiwan.
Typhoon Neoguri, which is expected to come closest to Taiwan on July 7 and 8, was 2,280 kilometers east-southeast of Taiwan's southern tip as of 8 p.m. Friday and was moving northwest at a speed of 22 km per hour. It was packing sustained winds of 119 kph, with gusts of 155 kph.
Cheng Ming-dean, the director of the CWB's Weather Forecast Center, said the conditions are favorable for Neoguri to get even stronger over the next 48 hours. The CWB said the typhoon will come closest to Taiwan on Monday and Tuesday, when it is expected to turn north toward Japan after reaching the Ryukyu Islands.
Based on current projections, it should not hit Taiwan directly, but it is expected to create southwesterly winds as it moves north on July 8 that are expected to bring rain to most parts of Taiwan.

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