Saturday, July 5, 2014

Typhoon Neoguri expected to become super typhoon as it approaches Southern Japan

( Tropical Storm "Neoguri" which formed in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean on July 3, 2014, strengthened into Category 1 typhoon yesterday and has been rapidly intensifying over the last 24 hours.

By 06:00 UTC on July 5, 2014, Neoguri was Category 4 typhoon with maximum sustained winds of 115 knots (212 km/h, 132 mph), and wind gusts of 140 kt (259 km/h, 161 mph).

It is expected to develop into a super typhoon by the time it reaches Okinawa, Japan, throughout the weekend.
Derek Williams, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service Guam Office, says for the next 24 hours the tropical storm will not be affecting anyone or anything other than ships. However, by the time it reaches 130 degrees east longitude – around the southern islands of Japan - it will most likely have developed into a super typhoon.
“We’re kind of worried for Okinawa,” Williams said.

According to JTWC warning issued 06:00 UTC today, Typhoon Neoguri was located approximately 813 NM (1505 km, 935 miles) southeast of Kadena Air Base, and has tracked west-northwestward at 14 knots (25.9 hm/h, 16 mph) over the past six hours. Maximum significant wave height was 7.6 meters (25 feet).

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