Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indian Weatherman: "90W" in 36hrs it can be Cyclone Phailin

 Latest analysis at 5:30pm, suggests that "90W" is now a marked LOW pressure system and gathering intensity on a rapid pace.
At present the pressure is around 1004mb and has tracked W-N-W, still in Andaman seas.
This is the latest location as per analysis.

Latest GFS model, suggests that the system will intensify into a Deep Depression in 24hrs and to Cyclone strength in 48hrs over E-Central Bay.

GFS and NCMRWF models now suggest a N-E Andhra coast and S Odisha coast landfall on midnight of Saturday, 12-Oct as Cyclone Phailin.

NAVGEM model suggests a Central, N-E Andhra coast as a Depression.       

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