Sunday, January 15, 2012

Indian Weatherman: Western Disturbance Started

Western disturbance has started over North West India, Kashmir. Strong, cold and dry N-Westerlies is being pushed up to South India from North West India. 

Western Disturbance J-2: This system is expected to precipitate snow/rain over North Pakistan, North Indian States of Kashmir and H.P. on Sunday/Monday and Tuesday. Rain showers will occur in upper Sindh in Punjab plains in Pakistan on Sunday/Monday. 

Isolated hailstorms will occur in the plains of Northern India, i.e. Punjab,Haryana and Western U.P. on Monday.
Precipitation spreads to Western Nepal on Monday. Kathmandu will be cloudy. Drop in night temperature on Wednesday/Thursday.

2. Cloudy conditions with strong west winds over Rajasthan on Sunday. 

3. J-2 will not survive beyond Tuesday. 

Cold conditions due to NW winds in Saurashtra and Kutch on Monday 16th.

Tuesday /Wednesday cold wave with drop in night temperature by 3-5c in Northern, Central and Western India. Cold N/NW winds. 

Lows expected during the week; Srinagar: -5c, Amritsar: 0c, Delhi: 3c, Mumbai:12c, Pune 8c, Nagpur: 10c.


Meanwhile the blog METD WEATHER who is tracking the storm observes:

Highlights for higher areas:
* Second Major W.D of the season
* Complete disruption of Roadways,Airways in J&K and partial in Himachal Pradesh
* Closure of higher passes
* Extreme low temp
* Avalanche possibility in high areas
Snowfall confirmed in Srinagar,Banihal, Quazigund from around 1130 PM as forecasted. Rains also confirmed there in Chandigarh.

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