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21st December, 2012, the Mayan Prophecy of Apocalypse coincides with the Winter Solstice: Is the Ice Age Coming?

The clock is ticking away to the end of the Mayan long-count calendar. Just 11 days left. Certain aspects of the interlocking Maya calendar system have filtered into public consciousness in the last decade and a half. Much has been written and said about the impending approach of the end of the world, as allegedly foreseen by the Maya and represented by the “end” of their calendar on December 21, 2012 11:11 UTC. Why this date is taken so seriously is the coincidence of convergence with other ancient scriptures. The Hindu's Kali Yuga cycle also ends and the Hopi Indian's prophesied about this time too.

The hysteria propaganda machine is working overtime to instil images of a gigantic meteor hitting earth or a Fukishima-on-steroids tsunami destroys all life on the planet. The Mayan calendar was designed to be cyclical, so the fact that the long count comes to an end in Dec 2012, while having some significance for the Maya as the end of a great cycle does not mean that the
"world will come to an end".
It's actually true that there are Mayan names for periods of time longer than 13 bactuns, so that their calendar doesn't even end then, and even if it did there is no evidence to suggest that they (or anyone for that matter) have any special knowledge about the end of the world.  

But actually what the Mayan calendar says that we will be entering “The Fifth World.” The Aztecs call it the Dawning of “The Sixth Sun.” Interpretations of ancient scriptures actually converge to point to a significant turning point of the human civilization. Therefore 2012 most likely signalling the completion of one World Age Cycle transiting into an emerging New World Age to come.

Significantly the last day of the Mayan calendar corresponds with the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere which has played a significant role in many cultures all over the world. In pure and simple astronomical terms this winter solstice represents the culmination of a 25,800 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Every 72 years, our planet wobbles on its axis by one degree, hence the zodiac's meandering journey through the cosmos. On this day the winter solstice sun will align with the galactic equator.

The fact that the winter solstice on 2012 is "aligned" with the plane of the Galaxy holds no scientific significance.

·         It takes the winter solstice 700-1400 years to cross the plane of the Galaxy.
·         The solstice last year (2005) was within 0.1 degrees (or 1/5th the size of the Sun) of where it will be on 2012.
·         The Sun crosses the plane of the Milky Way twice every year with no ill effect.

21st December 2012: The Ice Age Cometh

My research has revealed that a Transit of Venus occurred in 1518 and 1526. This was the period when Cortez landed on the shores of the Yucatan and wound up conquering the Aztec empire. The next transit was in 1631-’39. It was followed by a complete stoppage of the sunspot cycle, which lasted for 70 years (science has no explanation for this event). The ‘little ice age’ occurred between 1645 and 1720. What do we find associated with the next transit in 1761-‘69? We discover the birth of the American Revolution.  

There is no doubt that the Transit of Venus was an important divinatory alignment factored into the Maya calendar. We will not have to wait for long to test this theory and also get a glimpse of 2012 during the ‘passage’ years. But in reality as Jose Arguelles and others have pointed out the precursor years began in 1987 and the final stages of this cycle really kicked into gear in 1991-’1993. How do we know? There has been a tremendous surge in the number and magnitude of natural disasters and this was also forecast as a harbinger of the 5th Sun’s demise.   

The Venus Transit will trigger the demise of the 5th Sun and set the stage for the next cycle, the 6th Sun. That is the physical side of the Maya 5th Sun forecast. Unlike many predictions this one is built into the Maya calendar and it can be verified with some historical research. Is the world going to end in a violent crescendo of natural disasters and impacts from cosmic objects? I do not think that is likely nor is it what the Maya predicted.

However, a prolonged period of change is on the horizon that will be ushered in by the 2004 – 2012 ‘passage’. It will culminate in the galactic alignment and complete the precessional cycle at that point

13,000 years is a very important time period since we know that the last ice age ended then. This indicates that there is a periodicity to the solar output cycle. There are short and long term fluctuations in solar output and as a result great ice ages, little ice ages and warm inter-glacials, which we are in and nearing the end of now. 

The cyclical nature of the long range weather patterns are well established as is the variable nature of solar activity. We know that that is true since we have been in a ‘global warming’ period for the past 300 years. The “little ice age” started to thaw in the early 1700s when the sunspot cycle returned. The level of solar activity has been increasing steadily from that ‘zero sunspot point’ right up to our recent sunspot cycles in 1989-‘90 and the double peak in 2000- ’02.

Is it a coincidence that 2012 also coincides with the next solar sunspot maximum? The actual peak of this 300-year cycle of increasing solar output occurred in 1960 when the number of sunspots exceeded 200, the usual peak is around 100-150. Now, what is interesting is that during the first half of the 20th century the Earth’s seismic and volcanic activity were comparatively quiet. 

Then after 1960 the level of seismic and volcanic activity increases steadily to the point that the 1990s can accurately be called the ‘decade of disasters’. The surge in major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions radically departed from earlier decades. According to the chief scientist for the world’s largest reinsurance company Zurich Re,
“since 1960 natural disasters are a growth industry.”
I hardly need to mention “global warming” since it is constantly in the headlines. However, the truth is obvious for those that care to see it. The Earth has been warming for 13,000 years with periodic short-term cold spells. However, solar output is the forcing mechanism behind global warming and the 5th Sun is intimately tied to that phenomenon. What does the end of the 5th Sun really mean?

I take it very literally to mean that the sun’s output is going to change. We are going to enter the flip side of a new 13,000 year cycle. The earth is overheated and so is the sun, the result being planetary instability manifested in rising earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and erratic weather patterns.

These will increase further starting in 2004. The volcanic ash will create more and more cloud cover and that will begin to cool the planet down. If my theory is correct the Maya knew that the Venus Transit acted like a circuit breaker switching off the sunspot cycle and impacting the Sun-Moon-Earth-Venus system. This appears to have happened just prior to the previous two ‘little ice ages’ that were preceded by what solar physicists call the Spoorer (1400-1510) and Maunder Minimum(s) 1640-1710), periods of radically diminished solar activity.


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