Monday, December 31, 2012

Piers Corbyn: We are shifting towards a Little Ice Age

“By any measure, world temperature is declining,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, who also discusses the facts and fictions surrounding climate change, and so-called melting of ice in the Arctic.

“The warmists, and the BBC, like talking about the Arctic to back up their delusional climate-change theory,” says Corbyn, of  

“They do this rather than talk abut the real weather that people experience, because what people have experienced in Britain and Ireland, is the opposite.”

Furthermore, they now have a policy of talking about anything other than temperature, because temperatures are not rising … the world is in fact cooling … even though CO2 has been rising.”

“By any measure, world temperature is declining.” “We are shifting towards a Little Ice Age.”

“This is because the jet stream is moving south, and has nothing to do with global warming. Their propaganda says warming is cooling. This is absurd.”

“The fact is that the jet stream moving south is a sign of global cooling.”

And when it comes to the Arctic, there is more ice in the Arctic now than there was in the minimum of 2007. This is according to official NOAA records. “The claim that Arctic ice is shrinking is actually false.”

“We are headed towards a Little Ice Age … and the current climate propaganda is pointing us in the wrong direction.”

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