Friday, December 7, 2012

“Green” Germany: Backing off Climate Hysteria.

As governments after governments get off the climate hysteria train, it leaves NGOs like Greenpeace; WWF; Oxfam; ActionAid; ChristianAid; Friends of the Environment etc holding the illegitimate baby - climate change scam.

Angela Merkel's government has for has for years now been one of the most prominent European voices for climate change alarmism. That's why it is nice to hear German government advisor Kai Konrad, director of the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich offer a much more realistic and wise view:
"At an international level, we can expect that our one-sided measures to avoid emitting climate-damaging CO2 actually serve to suppress reductions other countries might otherwise make. On balance, our well-intentioned behavior is expensive for us and does nothing to protect the climate.
Everything we know suggests that Central Europe will suffer comparatively little from global warming. Berlin will simply have the temperatures that Rome does today. The adjustments we will have to make are quite manageable.
A colleague of mine has correctly said: We are spending a great deal of money to protect the children and grandchildren of the same people we're allowing to starve today. The amount we're spending in an attempt to reduce CO2 would be better invested in education and health in the regions that are under threat. Our goal should be to improve economic conditions in developing countries, because that in turn strengthens those countries' ability to adapt to climate change."
Konrad still appears to believe that human caused global warming happens, but his realistic views are most welcome. It is most likely that quite a few leading German politicians agree with Konrad, although they have so far not dared to challenge the holy global warming dogma. Konrad's advice will hopefully make them speak out in order to drastically change the senseless global warming policy of their government and the European Union. 
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