Friday, November 23, 2012

As temperatures plunge; Kashmir witness a frenetic demand for woolen garments

Temperatures in the city have plummeted to below normal, leading to a surge in the sale of woollen clothing.

Ishfaq Hussian, a customer, said: “As the chill is increasing day by day and with a dip in the temperature, people are going to prefer woollen and fury garments which will protect them from the bitter cold. The demand for woollen garments will also increase in the markets.”

According to Met officials, the minimum temperatures stayed below the freezing point in almost all parts of the valley.

Garment vendor Muzzaffer Ahmad said they were doing brisk business and hoped for a better turnover.
“The season will remain good as the winter has arrived early. The demand for jackets, sweaters and thermal wear has increased. The long coats are still in demand although it is not the season for long coats,” said Ahmad.
The famous markets in the city as well as the makeshift shops are crowded with buyers purchasing quality woollen clothes at affordable prices.

The Kashmir Valley experiences strong winds and snowfall during the winter season that lasts till March.

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