Friday, November 16, 2012

"Global Warming" strikes Raichur. Lowest minimum temperature record in 120 years!

(Times of India) Bangalore got a foretaste of winter with the mercury plunging to a low of 13 degrees Celsius early Thursday. And the mercury could go down further in the next two days.

The sudden dip in mercury was caused by cold and dry winds that blew into Karnataka from the northeast. A dry and hot Raichur recorded its lowest minimum temperature in 120 years at 11.4 degrees Celsius. Chamarajnagar remained Karnataka's coldest at 9.5 degrees.

The scheduled winter season is two weeks away. The weatherman said the cold conditions in interior parts of the state will continue for another 2-3 days.

Bangalore Met department director B Puttanna said: 
"The minimum temperature has dropped drastically in the past two days in many parts of Karnataka, especially in the interior region. On the outskirts of Bangalore, the temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius on Thursday morning. It is likely to dip further in the next couple of days. 
Explaining the reason behind the sudden chill, Puttanna said: 
"The northeast monsoon is weak in Karnataka , and the skies are clear. This reduces the solar radiation during the evening and brings down the temperature."  
Agrometeorologist M B Rajegowda said:  
"The dry winds are blowing in from the northeast towards entire interior Karnataka. Raichur is the entry point to interior Karnataka. So the temperature has come down suddenly in that part.
Other interior parts in the state, too, will soon register a dip in the temperature. This weather is likely to remain till mid-January as winter will set in by mid-December."  
Minimum temperature in Bangalore dips to 13C, season's lowest Raichur records 120-year low of 11.4C Chamarajanagar remains coldest in the state at 9.5C Dry winds blowing from northeast bringing chill Cold wave to prevail for the next 2-3 days.

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