Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bob Tisdale: 70 years data of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies along Sandy’s Track shows it was slightly cooling. So much for Global warming!!

(Bob Tisdale in WUWT) Sea surface temperature data is available to the public through multiple resources (NOAA’s NOMADS website or the KNMI Climate Explorer) so there are no calculations involved. All you have to do is enter coordinates and the websites produce the data. If you had done that with a long-term sea surface temperature dataset like the Hadley Centre’s HADISST, you would have discovered that the sea surface temperatures anomalies of Sandy’s storm track (12N-40N, 80W-70W) haven’t warmed since 1938, when the another super storm hit the Northeast U.S. See Figure 1.

The coordinates are based on the storm-track map from the Jacksonville.com,which have been annotated in Figure 2.

For the extratropical portion of the path (24N-40N, 80W-70W), Figure 3, the sea surface temperature anomalies have actually cooled since 1938. It’s not a great deal of cooling, but the trend is clearly negative.


  1. What utter nonsense.
    Do you really think any intelligent person is going to fall for this cherry-picked misleading rubbish.
    Shame on you.
    20 years ago those who have taken the sacred oath of climate change denial might have been forgiven on account of their total ignorance of the science.
    These days you just sound completely insane.

    1. Anonymous: I hope you were being sarcastic with your comment. Otherwise you've displayed a limited grasp of reality. Your charcterization of 74 years of data as being "cherry-picked" is laughable.

      Have a nice day.