Sunday, November 18, 2012

Less than 5 Weeks to the End of the World, if you believe in the Mayan Calendar!

To those who are prone to fall victim to hysteria campaigns. a reminder that the world is expected to come to a crashing end on 21 December 2012. That’s according to the Mayan Calendar. Turns out that’s a Friday.

The Maya Calendar was the centre of Maya life and one of their greatest cultural achievements. The Maya Calendar's ancestral knowledge guided the Maya's existence from the moment of their birth and there was little that escaped its influence. The Maya Calendar made by the Maya World Studies Center in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico follows a centuries old tradition.

The Mayan calendar is divided into Seven Ages of Man. The fourth epoch ended in August 1987. The Mayan calendar comes to an end on Friday, December 21, 2012. Only a few people will survive the catastrophe that ensues. In the fifth age, humanity will realize its spiritual destiny. In the sixth age, we will realize God within ourselves, and in the seventh age we will become so spiritual that we will be telepathic. The end of the Mayan Great Cycle after the completion of the 12th Bak'tum.

According to LiveScience, researchers have unearthed the oldest-known version of the ancient Maya calendar in the Guatemalan rainforest.

Archaeologist David Stuart of the University of Texas, who worked to decipher the glyphs, told LiveScience the calendar does not mark the end of the world. In fact, quite the opposite. Stuart said,

"The Mayan calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future. Numbers we can't even wrap our heads around."

According to SFGate the calendar, which is said to be exquisitely preserved, was found in a 1,000-year-old house in Guatemala. The home's interior was adorned with paintings of people, numbers and astronomical symbols.

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