Friday, November 16, 2012

The policy obsession with useless renewable energy kills more than 25,000 aged in UK’s winter alone. Charity Aid

( Charity Age UK have highlighted a number of alarming statistics that older people face this winter, as part of a ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign focused on death and suffering that should be prevented.

Research finds that 26,000 people die every winter because of cold weather alone, nine out of ten of whom are older people and over a third of adults over 65 surveyed claim to be anxious about the months ahead.

Campaigners are also alarmed that over 700,000 older people in the UK say they do not even know their neighbours, with depression listed amongst leading health concerns alongside pneumonia, stroke, heart attack and respiratory issues.

Michelle Mitchell, charity director general, hopes to draw upon the Olympic spirit of together in order to prevent more of the same:
“The winter can cause misery, avoidable illness and even death for too many older people. We’re hoping to inspire everyone to act now to do their bit to lessen the impact of winter for older people this year.

There is something simple that everyone can do from popping in to check on an older neighbour to making time for older relatives. As we experienced as a nation this summer, it feels good to come together and help each other out. Small things and a friendly face make all the difference.”
Appealing for help and donations, Age UK is looking to draw upon support from all over the country to make sure that older people have the clothes, heaters and blankets that will keep them warm, to make the most of snow clearance services and to support with shopping and companionship. The charity is also hoping to run Christmas parties and theatre trips in order to further embrace the lives of the older community.

Dame Helen Mirren is among those to have declared her support for the campaign, saying:
“It’s shocking that so many older people die needlessly in the winter months. I’m supporting Age UK’s Big Winter Pledge by spreading the word about the importance of keeping warm this winter – whether that’s layering up when we go out or keeping our living rooms at 21 degrees and bedrooms at 18 degrees. I’d urge everyone to get stuck in this winter and help out older friends, neighbours and relatives with Age UK.”

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