Tuesday, November 27, 2012

COP18 Doha – Time Is Running Out So Give Us All Your Money

If you belong to the NGO sector, we should put down our heads in shame. Our representatives in COP18 - the Oxfam; Greenpeace; WWF; ActionAid; ChristianAid - are shamelessly only talking of money.  “Time is running out... there is no money in the Green Climate Fund...” is the only refrain they can muster at COP 18.

All these NGOs are running in the red as their corporate, public and government funding are getting squeezed by the economic downturn in the US and Europe. They however keep expanding their bloated staff paid hefty salaries and perquisites. They continue their high flier life my logging flying miles in one life time which we in 10 re-births cannot even dream of equalling. They drive in fuel guzzling SUVs all over the place in convoys and greatest patrons of 5-Star hotels. To sustain their budget gap, these NGOs look at the Green Climate Fund as their salvation. However, if any money goes into the Green Climate Fund then it is from high taxation of global citizens making everything in their life costlier. 

(Tory Aardvark) The 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP18 started today with a call for action on Climate Change by the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, though there is little expectation of anything concrete coming out of COP18. COP18 with follow on the failures of COP15, COP16, COP17 and this years Rio+20 Earth Summit failure.

The Big Green propaganda machine has just gone into overdrive with the same usual worn out memes, sound bites and lashings of guilt for the industrialised nations, for being,  industrialised.

A fine example of someone who pushes their chest full of unexplored ideas is John Vidal at the Guardian, a journalist for whom thinking anything through is an anathema:
"Last month was the 333rd consecutive month that global temperatures were above the 20th century average, and 2012 will almost certainly be the hottest ever recorded in the US. Hurricanes, heatwaves, wildfires and droughts blistered farmlands and ruined crops from Kansas to Assam, and Britain has had its wettest summer and driest spring to date. Nigeria, China and much of India and Australia have all had their worst floods in decades. In September the Arctic sea ice cover shrank 50% below the 1979-2000 average."
Whoa scary stuff!! The 333rd consecutive month that global temperatures were above the 20th Century average, though of course Vidal will never tell you what the actual temperature values are, the temperature was 0.07F above the 20th Century average in actuality.

Still on a positive note for the warmists there is hope that when the 666 consecutive month of above 20th Century temperatures happens, the CO2 Beast will appear and devastate large sections of the planet.

As for the Arctic Sea Ice, the warmists had predicted that the Arctic would be ice free by summer 2012 conveniently forgotten as all failed warming alarmist predictions always are; the Arctic sea ice breakup was due to a cyclone say NASA who have released a video showing the cyclone breaking up the ice,  not Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Fear is not enough, all these natural weather events must be someone’s fault, because humans control the weather:
The blame for this miserable state of diplomatic affairs must be laid squarely on the US in particular and the rich countries in general. For three years now, they have bullied the poor into accepting a new agreement.
What a US led by that liberal left wing icon Barack Obama actually blocked progress on a socialist wealth distribution scam?

Unprecedented as the warming alarmist speak goes.

Rich countries, rich people how the watermelons hate the industrialised west which must be blamed for every weather event.

In 2009 the rich countries agreed to give $100bn by 2020 to help poor countries adapt to climate change. So far, they have not even provided the $30bn they promised as a down payment. Instead, they have offered less than the annual bonuses given in the City of London – and most of that in the form of loans, not grants. Led by the US, the rich have now wrecked the Kyoto treaty, the one international agreement that legally binds the rich to making cuts, and now it appears they want to ditch the Bali action plan, which commits the US and other countries to reduce emissions.

To Vidal for a country to be deemed rich it must have been industrialised for at least 100 years, China and India of course are not rich and cannot be blamed by western civilisation hating Vidal:

The time for such cynicism and parsimonious diplomacy must be over. Obama, trailing victory, missed the chance to lead the world at Copenhagen but can now commit the rich world to a generous agreement. Britain, who will send two ministers to Doha, can lead Europe.

There we are, once we have given all our money to the third world the climate will go back to being gentle and benign, there will be no ice ages, warming periods, hurricanes, storms or floods, which is just how the global climate used to be, you know before we started burning fossil fuels.

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