Sunday, November 18, 2012

COP18 Could This Be The Last UN Climate Circus Meeting?

The portends are all evident. Greenpeace decided to give COP18 a skip for their traditional protest, so entertainment would be low key at the conference. The IPCC who are the first to be invited with their Chairperson traditionally giving the keynote address are uninvited.  Hardly any prominent world leader think it a conference worth attending. For all purpose, the climate scam, lucrative gravy train which NGOs jumped into, is coming to an end.

(Tory Aardvark) With little over a week to go until COP18 starts, there are increasing signs that the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle is disintegrating at an ever increasing pace.

Attendance is down to a lower level than COP17, so slow has the take up for visas been that, the counter for visa applications was removed from the COP18 website.

Then in one of the strangest statements to ever come out of the UNFCCC, the COP18 President, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah declared that Shale Gas was good news for the world as it would provide energy security for the next 300 years, which is poles apart from the UN official meme of abandoning the use of fossil fuels.

Now the United States has suggested that the UN is not the best place to ever achieve a climate deal:

US suggestions that the UN climate talks are not the best arena to address climate change just over a week before the next round of negotiations start in Doha have been branded “unhelpful” and “provocative”.

News agency EurActiv reports that Washington is increasingly keen to see some elements of the UN talks shifted to the 19-member Major Economies Forum (MEF).

The MEF’s members, which include Australia, the EU, China and India account for 85% of the world’s emissions. However, talks at this forum would sideline the most vulnerable with Small Island States and the Least Developed Countries omitted. These two groups frequently push for greater ambition at the climate talks.

So much for the warmists expectations and hopes that Barack Obama in his second term would push for a UN Climate deal, what however is more interesting, is the split developing in the Climate Talks between established economies with the fast developing economies like China and India, and the EU with its alignment with the  grasping for western money states like the Maldives and Tuvalu, neither of which are sinking beneath the waves.

The next event is even stranger, the IPCC, the UN’s own junk science outfit have not been invited to speak at COP18:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will not be attending the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18/CMP8) in Doha, chairman Dr Rajendra K Pachauri has said.  
“For the first time in the 18 years of COP, the IPCC will not be attending, because we have not been invited,” he told Gulf Times in Doha.
OK so the organisation that produces the assesment reports warming alarmist bibles that are the backbone of the Great Global Warming Scam, and frequently quoted by all Greens is not going to Doha, the big question is why?

Could it be that even the warming alarmists are embarrassed by the IPCC?

As Greenpeace, WWF amd Foe will be sending huge delegations to COP18 the IPCC going would merely duplicate the presence already there from Green NGOs?

Finally all pretence at science is being abandoned and the real political agenda behind the AGW scam will from now on be publicly embraced?

Just a few years ago the MSM would have been full of climate of fear stories as a UN COP conference loomed, now there is barely a mention even in the UK Guardian about COP18.

Even the under 25s are losing their climate religion:

Young Islington environmentalist heads out to UN climate summit
“When I talk about my climate change campaign with my friends,” she says, “they tend to switch off – and I end up having to change the subject.”
People and Planet campaigns have included a “lie-in” outside a central branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in protest against the bank’s funding of fossil fuel extraction. Dozens of protesters – including Sophia – dressed up as clowns.

However, she admits she was too embarrassed to tell some of her close friends:
“It can be quite alienating when you have a passion your friends don’t share.”
That is the fundamental problem with belief systems that are based on a fad, and Anthropogenic Global Warming was just a fad, the majority of people move on to a new fad, and that usually leaves a minority of increasingly isolated zealots.

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